A new engagement platform for live events

Create mobile-optimised campaigns to engage audiences and capture data

Designed for ‘live’

TORF has been created from the ground up specifically to make live audience data capture possible, even if you don't have a fixed venue.


Find out who your audience is
(even at unticketed events)

TORF works by giving your audience a reason to start a conversation. By using mechanisms like downloading, voting & commenting we've shown up to 35% engagement*

* Based on attendance at actual events - contact us for details.
Torf engagement

Build creative mobile campaigns

Creative flexibility means that marketeers & artistic teams can collaborate to design powerful campaigns. Because everything about TORF is designed to be ‘live’ you can even use it to incorporate audience participation into the show.






Real-time analytics

Built-in data visualisation allows you to understand campaign effectiveness in real time.
Campaigns can even be optimised during the event.

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How it works

Data captured: Mobile number

The hook

As the audience arrives to your event, share a physical or digital asset with your target audience.

e.g. A flyer or digital screen announcement

"Win four tickets to see our next spectacular show. Text KEYWORD to 61211 and get a free programme for today’s show"

Attracted by this message, audience text the Keyword to 61211
Data captured: Web analytics

First trigger

Pre-show – Audience receives an SMS text message in response to their keyword text.

e.g. Download programme

Download the programme to your mobile at torf.co.uk/programme.pdf

User visits mobile site
Data captured: email, name, Facebook/Twitter ID

Second trigger

Straight after the show when audience is really engaged they receive a follow-up SMS message to trigger further engagement...

e.g. A poll

Who was your favourite character? Take the poll torf.co.uk/poll

User visits mobile site and answers poll
Data captured: qualified lead + CRM matching data (e.g. addres, payment details)

Final trigger

A day or so/a weeek later audience receives an SMS text message inviting them to deeper engagement with the organisation, driving them to your website.

e.g. Sign up to classes

Runaway to the circus! Sign up to one of our circus classes in our new term torf.co.uk/classes


Engaged audience

Through this series of interactions your audience will have a deeper engagement with you through related content you show.

  • ‘Torf is an exciting new tool that allows companies to develop more playful, production specific and ultimately more engaging relationships with their audiences. We’re excited to see how this develops and how the creative potential is embraced by new users and new audiences.’

    Rob Ashelford, Programme Manager

    Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts in Wales (NESTA)

  • ‘Torf did challenge my perceptions of what would engage the most people. The fact that a creative question about the show gave one of the best take up was a great lesson. Plus the take up response levels with Torf speak for themselves. I can see from the way this project is talked about within our company that it has started to change perceptions.’

    Alison Woods, Executive Director

    NoFit State

  • ‘Torf holds massive potential for arts organisations - and other companies who want to build deeper relationships with audiences and customers. Combining creative thinking with data collection, Torf helps companies develop and deliver a truly engaged network of users.’

    John McGrath, Artistic Director

    National Theatre Wales

  • ‘Developing TORF with our partners has enabled us to carry out in-depth research into the space where mobile and the physical environment merge. These types of multi-channel user experience our core to our practice. It’s been really exciting applying our R&D approach to the challenge to design a solution that enables data capture through creative means.’

    Fergus Roche, Partner


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Supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts in Wales - Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council of Wales